Photoshop Beginner Workshop - Sailer in a light bulb

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Photoshop Beginner Workshop - Sailer in a light bulb

Rüdiger Lauktien
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You want to master digital photo manipulation?

After you learned the simple and easy-to-use techniques that this workshop teaches you, you will have everything that you need in order to create awesome and massive Photoshop artworks! The techniques of this workshop are also used by leading digital artists worldwide and are applicable to tons of different motives and scenes.

Do you feel stuck with Photoshop?
Do you want to learn how to do great photo editing?
Are you a beginner wanting to become better?

If any of this applies to you - get your copy of this right today!

We will cover the most important techniques for digital photo manipulation that are used by the most professional industry leaders for retouching, creative compositing and image editing. If you want to become better as an artist and all the same create a beautiful artwork together with a tutor - this is your thing!


The "Sailer in a Lightbulb" is my first artwork that has been awarded with the Lürzer's Archive Award book (Best200 Digital Artists worldwide), which means that an international jury decided this to be a big deal. I'm so thankful and I know many people like this work. So I decided to put this into a simple workshop that anybody could follow through.


Even if you are a beginner you should be able to make it until the end and have your own ship in a light bulb. And if you want, you can start over afterwards and put something else into the bottle - for example a battle ship.

We will go through the whole process of editing from start to finish, no exceptions - everything is in there. In over 3.5 hours you will see exactly how this comes to life and you will know how to handle such a creative challenge yourself!

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy today! I'm looking forward to seeing you in the workshop :-)

I want this!

After absolving this workshop you will be able to create awesome and complex art on your own!

210 Minutes
Everything included
Photoshop / Camera Raw
1.86 GB
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